An idea i am working on. If intrested let me know

i just would like to say hey everyone, how are you all feeling.

i have been suffering with ptsd and depression for just over two years now for a year i did not recieve any medication or help because i did not know what this wierd feeling was. my effects in depression is feeling like im in a bubble and alone and feeling phisicly sick most of the times. i have and had 1 important person helping me all the way my partner. she also is a sufferer but we kick one another up the arse when one of us is rock bottem. anyways the reason im making this post is because for a while now ive had a idea of making a specific webpage with a live chat that can hold up to alot of people per server. there will be diffrent rooms to go into such as. (i need help),(what do i do now) (what medications) (what hobbys) etc those are exsamples. but anyways you can speak to all one another inside the rooms that will be adminstrated at all times. i will also suggest what to do next and what helps me. this will be completly free i just want to help others who are going through the same thing i am. i hope to hear your feedbacks and intrests in this idea and thank you for your time. sorry about some typos.

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  • Hi there,

    We already have a PTSD Forum here on Health Unlocked thank you.


  • What a great idea

  • I'd say whilst it's a great idea be very careful if you do go through with it.

    Medications especially as that's a minefield of issues for anyone not trained in mental health. ☺

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