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Depression, Stress, Anxiety and DWP PIP

Found out by pure accident today, the DWP lost an Upper Tribunal ruling regarding Mental Health and PIP at the end of last year. From what I can gather is; people with Mental Health issues who need help 'Planning and following a Journey' and or 'Going Out' can now get Enhanced Rate of Mobility; as the PIP form puts it, rather than the maximum Decision Markers 4 points.

Obviously, the any DWP Decision Maker will try their best not to award Mobility Higher Rate, but you can now challenge the DWP DM decision based on legal ruling by Upper Tribunal.

If disabled War Veterans and those disabled because of Military service are struggling with the DWP mentality and are regularly targeted by Maximus and Capita; the DWP lackies, with medical assessment to prove their physical and mental disabilities; then God Help those who have never served their Country as war veterans.

Never thought I would say it: 'A Country that shows no respect for its Veterans, or the disabled, isn't a Country or Society people should be proud of'.

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That's useful to know thanks for that. Do they mean a long journey or just a journey into town to do a bit of shopping do you know? x

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Thanks for reply.

I'm not too sure. No doubt a Decision Maker will use their own inept judgement with a 'finger in the air' rule of thumb if it's not laid out in 'Grey and White' (nicely PC there 😉). But I would put down, 'from leaving my front door until I return to my house' that way I don't say; 'how far, how long'.

I will do a recci and see if I can find out some more info.

Rgds David

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Ok many thanks. I am asking coz I am currently on DLA for depression and will have to change soon to PIP. Now I have no problems making journeys locally ie to town to do some shopping, but anything bigger than that fills me with anxiety. Or to be in area I don't know, even if there is someone with me. I have a number of friends who live from 2 hours away by train or longer and I can't visit them any more. I even find London very difficult even though I lived there for 20 years and know it well x


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