Bi-Polar Disorder

Hello Everyone! It is a pleasure to connect on this forum. I had some queries regarding the bipolar disorder. Kindly take out time to read and respond, as this is an extensive issue. One of my uncle, who is a twin is facing this issue. Briefly, we all know that most of the twins face some physical or mental health issues. This as well, might be a classic example where-in a twin is facing this mental disorder. My uncle is a 44 year old man, married for 22 years now. He has been facing the bi-polar disorder for almost 24 years. But, however of-late it has become extremely difficult to control him. The first instance of this disorder was seen in 1993. We were at a religious location in Rajasthan,India when one night he eloped from the room and went alone to one of the temple halls. What transcended during that night, still remains a mystery as he has never disclosed. That night transformed him, and the following day was the first instance of his mental disorder. This continued at repeated intervals during the course of 24 years. Usually this happens to him, during or after an occasion of joy/grief. There have been close to 8-10 episodes of this since the past 24 years. During this phase, he becomes totally hyper and is uncontrollable for a day or two, then we admit him to nearby hospital which provide treatment for nearly 3-4 weeks. I guess they provide medicines to calm him down, after which he goes into depression for nearly 5-8 weeks and then his life reaches normalcy before any other incident causes trigger. This pattern has been part of our daily lives, but the recent incident has broken all records. A small argument with his cousin had triggered him to reach maniac end of the spectrum, 8 months back. Following which, he was admitted to the hospital(read therapy cum treatment centre) for about 3-4 weeks with heavy dosage of medicine. On returning home after treatment he was depressed for about 4 months until recently when we thought he is fine and doing all the work. But this Sunday, he reached a new high when no such incident (joy/grief) occurred but still he was triggered. Could please someone suggest what would be the best way to go about it?

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  • Syed ,please don't be disappointed if you get few responses. The questions raised here need a doctors opinion and not many of us are doctors. Personally i doubt many doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists would be willing to give an opinion without meeting your uncle and even then their opinion might be of limited value.

    If your uncle is still in India there are many very good doctors/psychiatrists and psychologists in India although I admit I don't know how easy or costly access to these may be.