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Stress anxiey and depression taking over my life

Im 28 years old i have three beautiful boys age 9months 6 and 9 i have suffered from postnantal depression each pregnancy in this last pregnancy i had no signs til about 2 weeks ago and now ive hit rock bottom it started when i was worrying all the time about my son falling because he is trying to walk already then my friend died and i biried him today and my mum has bi polar disirder and my dad has clinical depression they started getting up and down and it really worried me im so low,my boys need me i cant wait for my pills to kick in any thoughts guys xxxx

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Hi Laura, sounds like you are going through a very tough time, my advice would be to see your GP immediately, are you on any meds for it already? I'm not sure but you mentioned pills, so go for help and you will get over it, it's not your fault and it's very treatable, so please don't delay in getting help and get back to enjoying your lovely children.

Laura sorry about your friend, that would upset most people and could make your mood very Depressed with so much going on


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Hi Laura. Oh honey, you have soooo much on your plate 😦 Too much for one person to handle alone.

Talk with a GP re your parents. They need to be stabilized ... at least that's how it sounds to me ... and you MUST stop worrying because if you don't, your mood will spiral.

Regarding your friend, you need time to grieve so allow yourself that.

Understand that your own mood WILL improve a little bit day by day. Are there any support groups for new mothers around you? Even on-line forums are better than nothing. Check out every resource that is open to you k?

My nephews started the walking thing at 9 months too. And yeah, I flipped out every time I saw them trying to toddle around on their own as well 😲I realized that I would have to let them fall from time to time. This is how they learn what is safe to do and what isn't. Can you rope in your other two to help watch over your baby, if only for a little while?

Laura, you HAVE to stop worrying. It's really important. If you don't, everything is going to snowball and get worse. Believe that things will get better with personal action and time. You also need a support network and some down time of your own.

Please keep posting here even if only to vent.

Bless 🌹


Hi laura I know what you are going through with your postnatal depression. I also suffered after having my boys both times but the second time was much worse, I recognised the signs and told my gp but my gp said it was my contraception implant. I knew it wasn't it was awful I needed help and didn't get it untill I tried to take my own life , they soon realised I was right . My husband was amazing he went on flexie hours at work and took over with the children untill I had recoverd. Please don't let it get to that stage, go to your gp and get the help you need . Ask family to help and let them you need time out for you . You have gone through so much with your friend dieing and your parents being ill too , as well as trying to cope with postnatal depression and day to day routine with your precious children, who need their lovely mum . So please don't give up i know you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel right now but there is believe me I really do know . Be strong and get help please .

From littlemole xx

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