Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that im going to take another medical leave from school because of my ptsd. It turns out that i came back to school too soon as studying and living in the same location where i had my abusive relationship was just too much. My mental illness was controlling my life so i want to take back the stirring wheel by taking another break and then coming back when im ready. I might even transfer to a different college.

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  • I've been wondering about you and what you're up to. I'm sorry about this little glitch, but it seems as usual you have a grip on it Transferring to another college would be a fresh start for you. Are there any horses around in the mean time ?Keep in touch. Pam

  • Im actually in a place where there are more horses lol. Im actually worried about telling my Dad about this because hes very serious about my education which is good to an extent. Also he tends not to respond well when i make big changes like this that are not according to plan.

  • He must have a hard time coping things rarely go according to plan . You seem very level headed to me, and I'm sure when you get yourself settled you'll go back to it. I'll tell you this about myself, but its pathetic . I went to university on the 19 year plan. I started when my son was 2 and kept taking classes. One or two a semester , some years I had no money so I got a part time job. my husband didn't support me but I was unstoppable. The year I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts , my son started his college career. I taught for 23 Years ,my son is also a teacher. I am the most tenacious person I know, and it is a quality that has served me well . It didn't stop people from making fun of me and my Mother would often say I would never make it. After I did made it she thanked my husband for allowing me to go to school. I almost snapped.

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