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I am just wondering if anyone else on here has ever had a seizure?

I had 3 in the space of 24 hours and during one of them I actually died and had to be resuscitated by NINE doctors who were all fighting to save my life. I have a very caring and close family who are all worried about me now (so I am fortunate).

I've been put on medication (Epilim) and I am also on Fluoxetine to help fight the depression.

I do not remember anything during the seizures and I got extremely violent during them - including towards my own mother (which I am disgusted myself with).

I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow (Friday) at 11am so that will be interesting. I also have an appointment with a neurologist in January as I have been told I have a "clouding on the brain".

Would be nice to speak to people who have had seizures before and what their outcome was.

Merry Christmas & a happy new year everyone!


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Hi leertc I had a seizure when I took an overdose and they gave me a drip in hospital .. I actualky floated in between life and death .. Or so it seemed


Sorry to hear that. Were you violent? What medication (if any) were you put on?


I don't know the name of it .. I felt like I couldn't breathe and I was jerking uncontrollably .. I was drifting away quite happily before they gave me the drip


thanks for sharing your experience!

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Pleasure. They are terrible to have .. Took me ages to calm down and then they gave me a diazepam .. I felt right out of it for a few days and slowly came back to planet me haha


haha glad you're okay now though matey!

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Tar lar .. I hope you get sorted somehow .. They are not nice things to have


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