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I am 41 year old lady. I work in London which proves to be a struggle. I have an 11 year old girl. My job is a struggle due to the travelling and having to sort where my daughter will go before and after school. I have recently split with a man who was my world. I was only with him for 10 months but i thought we would be together forever. I thought he wanted that too. We were very in love and then things suddenly changed. He became distant. Im quite heartbroken and really dont know how to get over him.

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How long have you been feeling like this ? Depression is like grief I'd say. A recent break up and looking after a child plus working full-time causes it's own stresses! If it has gone on for longer than a few weeks I'd go to the doctors and see if you can get some counselling. It does help x Good luck x

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Sorry you have taken a hit from someone who you feel loved you, life can be hard and sad to say you will need to consider a future plan for you and your child.

I could suggest that you see your GP and ask for some CBT, although in this case this may not work as you will need to move on for your Daughter. You could ask however for some medications, the problem with this will be to dumb your life down and could affect your getting to work and doing your job efficiently

Yes I can understand the loss and the need for treatment, although you need to move on and get your life up and running once more and I do honestly feel you will get over the loss easier if you keep up some form of normality with your life.

You say your work is not an easy place to get to and again you may decide you could look for another position that may help you look after your daughter. In this situation you may feel that some CBT may help you make decisions on a way forward for your future happiness. This may take time Some support to get a nearer position that will stop the onerous traveling you are having to undertake now, You will be able to save money regards your commuting and the money saved may allow you to take that hit from the money you spend getting from here to there.

Life is never fair as we go through life and its hard knocks, we all need to be practical and understand we have to move on. I wish you all the luck for you and your daughter. We are here if you need support



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