Hello. A few months ago I got diagnosed with Dissociation alongside Anxiety, and recently it's begun escalating worse and worse and Its hit a point where I need help to try and reign it back under control and I need help knowing where to start.

Little background

My dissociations contain a mixture of things - blacking out and another persona taking over, being very animalistic and try attacking the closest thing to me, hearing/the feeling of noise in my ears, spacing out and not respending to what's around me, seeing things that aren't there, feeling like everything is slightly off/wrong, shutting down and spasiming, feeling like I'm trapped inside my body and I'm not properly in control, having non epileptic seizures, being concious but not being have to move even when I'm mentally trying to get myself to move.

I'm 17, dropped out of collage last year due to anxiety and non epileptic seizures, never went back into education. Had two suicide attempts between May and June this year. Tried finding work but simular to what happened in collage I kept having seizures and shutting down so basicly in a situation of can't work. Tend to not really leave the house, only person I really see is my Partner outside of my family, I tend to regress back into a younger mindset a lot.

I have a Partner who while cares a lot is very sociopathic so struggles to come with me when I losing proper conscience and not able to function properly. He's also going into the army next year so gonna be going long distance.

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  • Hey there. You HAVE to get a diagnosis preferably by a psychiatrist and then be put on the correct meds regime. I KNOW there's a waiting list but get on it ASAP.

    Your partner by your words appears to have problems of his own so I would suggest you loosen the reins and give him space.

    Start planning a future for yourself because you do have one. BUT start to get your mental health in order by obtaining a diagnosis first. This is what the good folks here suggested you do months ago. Please don't delay.

  • I got diagnosed by the local NHS place though reluctantly. Tbh my area is crap for mental health and they basicly went I didn't need medication and didnt really offer any help mainly focused on my anxiety rather then the dissociation (my main issue) I don't really know where to go to even get meds for dissociation.

    Yeah, I'm trying to back off and after this week I'm planning on taking a huge break to myself, it's just very difficult trying to not load every off onto him when he's the only person I've got to talk to.

  • If you're in the UK, ring the Samaritans.

    Is your family able to assist with seeing a psychiatrist privately because you sorely need one.

    Be kind to yourself please.

  • Thanks for the advice. I'll try.

  • GREAT! You have nothing to lose by trying ... but a LOT to gain. Never give up hope. Never.