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Lamictal side effects


Good morning all

Recently started on Lamictal about a week ago for cyclothymia. Since starting them at 25mgs I've had neck and top of my shoulders pain. I increased to 50mgs last night and I feel even worse today.

Spoke to my psychiatrist who said to try continuing for another few days to see if it passes as it's a very unusual side effect.

I'm not sure if all coincidental or connected to the tablets.

Anyone had experience of this?

Many thanks

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I have cyclothymia and take no meds due to countless side effects. I manage it without although it is most difficult .. I have shoulder and neck pain long term .. Don't know what caused it, my shoulder is not in the socket properly :(

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Have you tried meds before Satsuma?

I'm pretty ok when I'm on a high level, it's the lows that hit me for periods of a couple of weeks here and there. I suffer will real bad low self esteem and doubt nearly all the time.

Now I'm just feeling fuzzy and achey and I don't like it 😢

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Yes Hidden I have tried countless over the decades .. Yes I find the lows distressing. The highs, then again, are lethal as impulsive behaviour can be rather dangerous .. It really is most difficult to manage ... Low self esteem and lack of confidence go hand in hand with this dreadful condition .. Most delibitating and yes Goldfish_ I, so, understand about the joint aches :( it is not really a happy existence to live

The data sheet states that arthralgia (joint aches) are common - ie 1 in 10 to 1 in a 100 get them


Thanks everyone. I guess I'm gonna have to see what happens and if it improves in the next few days. I went from grumpy earlier to breaking down tonight. Sometimes I feel like there isn't any solution. I feel lonely and want to settle down, but I feel like my depression has really held me back and I make bad decisions and always like the ones that are not obtainable. I'm hoping that the meds might miraculously correct my thought process to enable me to move forward with my that just a silly dream?!

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