help is not helping

Been depressed for a while now, and it's just getting to the point that i'm going to try and kill myself again. (Last time i did it i cut myself bad and did an overdose)

I keep on having fucked up thoughts everyday. I also keep on having rapid thoughts and this is happening all the time. It's stopping me from sleeping regularly, there are days that i don't sleep. My mood changes from feeling depressed to feeling happy with loads of engery. I've been going to the GP now for 1 year but and i tried Citalopram,mirtazapine. I'm currently on Sertraline(100mg) and been on it for 5 weeks.

To be honest i want to die. Help is not helping

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  • Hey, I know what this is like. Today I have been emotional and feeling very low. I am meeting the Samaritans tomorrow for a cuppa tea and a chat. I am a low ebb just now :( I have the urge to self harm too .. I am getting through each hour. Is all I can do.

  • Hi maybe you need to have the dose increased? I am on sertraline and started on 100 mgs. It didn't help so it was increased to 150 mgs. The maximum dose is 200 mgs. See your doctor. Are you having counselling?

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  • I obviously can't say for certain, but the mood swinging rapidly and the racing thoughts may be a sign of bipolar. Is it worth getting in with a psychiatrist to properly evaluate your symptoms? Being on antidepressants alone when bipolar can make things worse as it can kick of manic episodes so it may be that a mood stabiliser or a combination of meds will be better for you.

    As I say, can't tell you for certain as not an expert, but I am bipolar myself and it sounds familiar...

  • posting this link to a post on dealing with intrusive thoughts in the hope that it might give you some ideas about different ways of approaching the problem.

  • Hi there I am so sorry you fell so bad. I too suffer depression and all that go s with it. I have tried sooo many Mede, about a year ago my doctor put me on cymbalta and it has been a miracle for me. The "rapid thoughts" you speak of have gone, coping much better with suicidle thoughts etc wishing you well

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