When everything takes it toll

Hi everyone

Who suffers severe chest pain due to shouting and depression and anxiety and stress , coz I do everyday by the evening my anxiety levels are bubbling over the rim 😫 And it seems my family don't give a damn coz the make me behave the way I do.

I take 100mg of sertraline , 200mg of quetiapine it works for the first few months then I don't feel it working as much again.

I'm 44 yrs old and I don't think my body can take it anymore to much aches and pain particularly in my chest

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I think CBT and Yoga will help you. I understand how you feel about your family but with anxiety and depression it is always hard for them to understand it because they have not experienced it themselves. You have to try to understand them because if you don't it will only end up in arguments and stress. I would also recommend going on a healthy diet as this will also make you feel happier.


Thank you 😊 for your brilliant insight and advice x



is it worth seeing if your med levels need tweeking? I am on 200mg of sertraline myself and have found that helped hugely with things. CBT was also very helpful and educating those close to me about the ins and outs of my illness seemed to also be beneficial. Not necessarily the reasons I got ill, but the signs and symptoms and how best to react to certain behaviours.

really hope you start to feel a little better soon xxx


Thank you 😊 brilliant advice, it's so nice to be able to communicate with other people who are experiencing what I'm going thru coz your right my family do not understand xxx

Samzie xxx



Welcome to the community. I think it's really insightful that you realise your anxiety is worse in the evenings. What do you think triggers it then?

I'm not sure how I feel about you saying that your family make you behave the way you do. The only thing you can control in any given situation is how you respond to it. Your behaviour is your choice.

What sitatuion causes you to have to shout? Have you ever changed tactic? What can you do to reduce your stress?



Yeah I suppose your right, I just feel relaxed in the day when I'm by myself and when my family are all at home I have a lot of stress , but now my doctor has put me on 30mg of Mirtazapine has I didn't feel the other meds were doing anything anymore



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