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one way or another

hi i,m new on here .really dont know what to do with my self i am suffering with depression ,have been now over last three years following the break up with my partner .i was given antidepression tablets from my GP but then taken off them because i was drinking alcohol with them my GP said the tablets have know affect when mixed with alcohol .said i need to stop drinking then they can give me tablets again ,but finding it hard as i feel having a drink helps me calm .so i have to swap one addiction for another is that my choice .

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Hiya, and welcome. :)

Sorry to hear you've fallen on some hard times. This is a lovely and supportive community here, I hope you'll find some help and comfort on these pages.

I guess it's important to remember that alcohol is ultimately a negative force when it comes to depression. I'm certainly guilty of using it for similar means myself, so I can't really say much... :p But it can and will exacerbate things. I almost always feel worse mentally and emotionally the morning after.

The antidepressants aren't addictive by nature, though coming off them too quickly can make you feel a bit queasy.

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ray1960 Welcome to the community .. We all strive to help each other here.

I have to agree with Hidden about alcohol. I stopped using the deadly liquor a number of years ago as I found it to be detrimental in many ways. If you can avoid it so much better.


thanks for reply thomas and satsuma ,i am seeking help now and want to stop alcohol as i do realise my health is suffering because of it .i am finding everything difficult as i live alone now and have lost touch with old friends . i stopped smoking three years ago so i know i have it in me to tackle this problem but then i had a family and now i dont have any support .


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