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After my rollercoaster week, I ended up going to surgery the other lunchtime. I couldn't handle things any longer. 2 nurses and a doctor was in the treatment room waiting. Doctor told me first option is to contact social services to see if they could help. Which they did. Next doctor said is hospitalisation. HELL No I'm thinking!!.

But today after thinking of my mum.... being without her for 11 yrs she would have been celebrating her 62nd birthday. I was finally diagnosed!!!!! Woop woop!!

Boarderline personality disorder.

Do anyone else have it that is reading this. If so plz plz inbox me I would really love to chat with u about this.

Next find a flat/home



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Hello,Claire. Most of us on this forum have serious mental health problems and BPD is certainly one of those. The good news is that even serious mental health problems are not to be feared. They can be lived with and for most of those conditions its possible to lead a normal life and to be happy most of the time.

Finding out how to achieve this is the bad news part ,its very difficult and you need to do a lot of digging and reading. I don't have BPD but others on this site do and I'm sure you'll get some helpful replies. Don't expect though that anyone can do as much as you can do yourself to help yourself. Find out as much as you can about your condition and have courage and you will be well on the way to a happier life.



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