Anxiety re job

Hi guys

Recently I've been feeling so low I can't get out of bed and having anxiety attacks before going to work. My job involves a lot of traveling and the thought of going away makes me upset and panicked. I've started looking for new jobs in the hope this would solve it. I have a loving family and boyfriend. My family does have a history of depression so I don't know if it is something I should go to the doctor about?

Thank you for your time

R x


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4 Replies

  • Do you think youre having trouble with changes? Maybe you should try to tackle your problems instead of getting a new job. I could be wrong, but its just a thought and im not accusing you of not trying.

  • I've been doing the job for a couple of years now and I used to love travelling all over the world. Recently, the thought of going causes me to get really anxious and upset. I probably should try and face the problem head on but I'm not sure how

  • Or maybe you could take break from your job. Like some kind of leave of absence.

  • Hi Rosie,

    Welcome to the community. It is highly unlikely that anyone here will ever say that talking to your GP is a bad idea. You book that appointment and spill your heart out.

    Being able to share your trouble is such a relief. That burden is instantly halved. You've recognised that your job is your stressor. Perhaps you don't like the travel because it takes you away from your boyfriend and family? Have you talked to them about how you are feeling?

    I know how horrible it is having panic attacks before going to work. My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it. I interpreted it as a way of my brain trying to send a message via my body that my mind was unwilling to listen to. Quite literally alarm bells going off left right and centre.

    Maybe it would be worth getting signed off for a week or so. Take the pressure off you for a little bit?


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