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Greetings Earthlings

Greetings Earthlings

New here. Diagnosed depression for the past two years, undiagnosed who knows how long. Struggling more or less everyday despite medication and therapy. Beginning to wonder whether it is actually possible to recover or is just a matter of taking each day as it comes? Services on the verge of giving up on me, stating they don't know how to help me. Feeling pretty desperate, as life feels like pointless drudgery with no let off.

So the pressing question in my mind: Is possible to recover from depression and how long will it take?

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Hello there and a very warm welcome to Action on Depression. Please check back for replies to your post, in the meantime please read our Community guidelines.


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Firstly welcome.

As I'm no dr I really cannot answer your question. It's almost like saying how long is a bit of string. Or maybe it's more a personal issue, as it might be more of what's causing the depression and if that can be solved maybe the depression will go?

In my case a father who mentally and physically abused me from a baby to 21, sexually assaulted by his father at 14 and date raped at 18 yrs, has caused my depression. I can remember being about 8yrs old and wanting to die! Also the fact that I still have to see him ocassionally.

Then in adulthood loosing babies, medical probs, ops etc. I've always had depression of some kind, even postnatal depression. I've been on and off of anti depressants. I've now been diag with fibromyalgia and due to constant pain and lack of sleep got very depressed again, I'm now on a high dose of anti depressant that is helping me cope.

I know it's going to be a constant fight for me and I am trying to stay positive and be grateful for what I do have in my life. Sometimes life throws me a curve ball and I get really low again, but a good cry and a strong talking to myself and I get back in line again. I know it's really down to me to help myself, no one else can do it. I do have a lot to be thankful for. For instance we have all this modern technology that lets us chat to each other and support each other over thousands of miles. In days gone by depression was a dirty word, but so many people now suffer from it, it's isn't. Again in the past we would have been locked away and forgotten about, now we do have Drs who help, drugs coucelling etc. Please don't give up.

There are many ways to try to help yourself and you've done one by coming on this site. Another is breathing exercises and self hipnosise and feeling better about yourself, u tube is good for these.

Don't forget anti depressants take a few weeks to build up in your system and work. I tried several before I found the one right for me and then went from 30mgs to 60 and am now on 90mgs a day.

We're all different and you may find that you don't need so much or can cope in different ways, but the web is a great way to search things out. I take hemp oil tabs that have chemicals in similar to marijuana, for my fibromyalgia, but they help me to relax too. I also take extra vits and use Epsom salts to absorbe magnesium. All theses things can help your brain too, so maybe look into something like that that might help you.

Good luck and take care.

Best wishes 😊


I would say it depends on your age and whether you have had it before. Yes this spell of depression will almost certainly end and the quicker the medics find the right ads for you the quicker it will end but it will end sometime . i would guess the majority of we depressives get recurring spells of it so in that sense one is never cured of it. Some people get a one off spell of depression and it does n't recur so those people are cured of it. Two years is a long while to be depressed (assuming its been continuous ) and it indicates you are not getting the right help , and there is no way the health service should be giving up on you, but you may have to help yourself by possibly changing your GP or at least asking for a second opinion. GPs do vary in how effective they are at treating depression.

However there is much you can do to help yourself,and helping yourself is probably the most significant factor. Doctors ,psychiatrists can help as can therapies but self help is very important in my view .

Depressive spells are not nice but over time one can learn to enjoy life and be productive. Keep in touch via this forum and you'll get a lot of practical advice in coping.


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I feel the same as you. Feel like I'm in contact with any and all mental health services available to me. I'm trying so hard to keep fighting but I just keep getting the same answer from the mental health people. "It will get better". You need to find what makes you happy. Sometimes some of the stuff they say makes me want to scream. Are you know doing me?

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