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I got diagnosed with depression bout 2 months ago but I didn't think I felt depressed. The tables didn't seem to help and I can't remember the last time I slept. Things have got so bad that my fiancé of 5 years left me yesterday. Talking to someone about everything that has happened and how I am, and them seeing me first hand they suggested maybe it was bipolar. I've gone on the nhs and website and looked it up and it seems to be me. But if I go to the Drs and say about this will they think I'm crazy. I just can't cope with this anymore I need answers but i don't think I will get them!

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I know that you want answers and definite answers but there aren't any. You say you don't feel depressed but it sounds as if you feel distressed.. Where does it get you to have s bipolar diagnosis? Just a suggestion but focus on how to feel better. Medication only takes you part of the way relieving symptoms. Sometimes you just have to learn to manage your illness. Become curious. What works for you. What doesn't. Sometimes there are no magic bullets. I'm so sorry about your fiance leaving. It must really hurt. I am not sure that focusing on a diagnosis helps you it keeps you stuck.



The doctors may not think you are crazy, that is your clouded perception because of the way you feel just now ..I suggest you make an appointment. Write a list of things you wish to discuss with them so you are not tongue tied when you go in there

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I'm sorry 🙃 It's difficult to not be properly diagnosed. Perhaps see another Dr. and discuss your concerns. I had the opposite problem, accepting my diagnosis of BPD. I hope you are properly diagnosed and treated.


Maybe a new doctor? You pay the doctor to hear you. To help you. I'm sorry that fiancé left you. But maybe he was not going to be there when things get tough. My husband has been there from day one it's been over 40 yrs. yes it's hard on everyone that is in your life. Talk to your doctor.


Hi Haylz,

I am sorry you are going through such a rough time... but you WILL make it. Have you ever worked with a therapist??? Maybe you could ask your doctor to refer you... its just a suggestion... I think a therapist can be a real blessing... I know it is for me.... Take good care now.



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