Spiralling down

I went on holiday to crete back early Thursday morning. Before was stressed at work had been some bullying to me and others partly been addressed.

I was stressed before holiday and a lot of it.calling my parents etc.had some nice times.

Tomoroe is work again.dreading it. Still shattered have CFS.trying to sort out seeing patents two hours odd away for bank holiday almost had words with them. I never feel rested. Thank you

My tablet is bad re. Typing and spelling sorry

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  • Parents

  • Ahh, that's not nice.

    Can you go to HR dept and tell them about the bullying?

    In this day and age it shouldn't be tolerated!

    Please report it as it shouldn't be going on.

    I'm sure you will enjoy catching up with your parents.

    Take care of yourself and try to not let the bullies get to you. I don't know if you believe in karma? Hopefully one day they'll get their karma!

    Best wishes and good luck.

  • Ty. I have told the new manager she is sympathetic, the old one was not so good. Yes karma interesting. Parents were being a bit of a pain but ive spoken to them since and its a bit better.

  • Good, fingers crossed that it gets better and the new manager does something.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • Tyvm

  • Hi hope you had a nice holiday. Did you know you can edit your post? Click on the down arrow at the bottom of your post, click edit, edit, then click edit response. It will then reappear with the corrections.

    Also too you can lock your post so most of it will remain in here instead of on the net. To do this click on 'community only' when you post or edit. Hope this is helpful. x

  • I am trying. This tablet is a nightmare.

  • I knew there was a good reason I use a lappy! x

  • I have learned to confront people who are mean or bully me. It is so hard to do, I will be shaking, my stomach will be upset , but if I don't confront them I hate myself later. Almost every time they will back down and if they don't I will confront them again. This is what I do... I make sure there are other people around and in a very pleasant manner I ask ' Why do you bully me?' They will deny it and then you say ' It feels like bullying to me'. They can't argue your feelings . you can repeat, and be cool even if they are not,'You are always nasty to me, why is that?' The idea is to put it on them, make them accountable for their behavior. I think this works even on a boss as long as you are nice in your approach. Stay in control, you can fall apart when you get home. Pam

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