I believe Hazel is a good person and deserves our appreciation for her service. If I have hurt her feelings in any way I am truly sorry. I don't, however, agree with her methods. That is my right and it is not a personal attack.

The other point I would like to make is this, This form is not the place to state your political views. It is the place to state how politics is affecting your life, your health. Sometimes this line will be crossed, but I think it is worth it if involves someones depression. We need to do every thing we can to help each other. Listening to someone else talk about something I don't agree with takes nothing away from me. My beliefs will remain intact and hopefully the other person will feel better for having been listened too.

That's all I've got,Pam

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  • I think we should be allowed to talk politics on here in relation to mental health. I know that bad comments are bound to happen on these grounds so of course the degrading parts should be taken down.

  • Politics are part of everyone's life! Like it or not, if someone states their own political bent that is their choice! Sorry to disagree with you Pam, I know that political chat can cause a lot of arguments ( Religion and politics are the main cause of War supposedly, I personally think it's nothing to do with either! It's more often that politics and Religion are Blatantly blamed for greed or criminal acts) If a person vents their anger or Confusion towards politics then fair play,some people's depression or anxiety is caused by political mood in the country at the time, I only say this because since the Brexit vote I have had a few friends and a daughter who have been attacked verbally and physically for being of mixed race or just another colour! ( My pal was born in the UK from a British Mother and father as was m daughter) Politics affect people much more than some think! My friend is afraid to go out since his attack ( Police are aware) So Sorry for disagreeing with you Pam I hope by giving you my reason's you can understand why?

  • What I meant by politics affecting everyone was where you can afford to live, what kind of health care you receive, almost everything in fact. and if politics is the bus then money is driving it, and we're just along for the ride. I don't mind being disagreed with, if fact I appreciate it. The world is a richer place because of our differences which is why it pains me to hear of these attacks that are going on. You aren't the first person I've heard this from and II hope these bullies will be very harshly dealt with. Of course that doesn't take away the horror of the experience. As for this forum as long as we are speaking of our own experiences of politics especially as it pertains to our depression I think it is necessary. If only to relieve peoples fear. Having to worry about censorship is just another thing to worry about. I really don't think we're too far apart I do understand, and I'm sorry if I caused any stress.Pam

  • I understand what you are saying Vintage me, I think who you "following" politically is more than likely a sort of statement of where you live and your salary count rather than the other way round, I have friends who were brought up in similar circumstances as I,good schools good parenting etc etc nice houses and they all voted Tory nowadays all but one votes Labour ( I have Voted Labour for over 20 years but admittedly Did vote Tory as a youngster) so yes you are right on most of what you have said!

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