Update on Cheater

I seem to be in a state of inertia. Some days I go about my normal routine ignoring the whole thing, other days I am so sad, sorry for myself, and very pissed off with my husband. He is always surprised by this and acts as if I'm being unreasonable. I should be over it by now according to him. I tell him I may never get over it. And that's really how I feel, I'm in no hurry to make a decision . .To better times,VM


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4 Replies

  • Just-Peachy Oh my word .. You should be over it .. Those words resonate deeply with me as that is what my ex husband used to say to me .. It is all yada on their behalf as they know they have done wrong and are projecting it back onto us. Sly creatures. You are hurting as he has betrayed your trust. Just shows you that he didn't obviously care for the morals of what you have. He wants it all. Selfish man he is.

  • Thank you Goldfish, I think that is the way I would like to go II haven't got it all figured out though..

  • Hi VM sorry I haven't replied before but just seen your post. Ignore the twat! Your feelings are you own and no one should ever invalidate them by saying things like this. You will get over it in your own good time and not to anyone elses schedule. x

  • Thank you for the support, it helps, Hey Bob is back sort of, that helps too.

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