Hi guys I haven't been here in a while. I've been doing well I guess but some days I feel really down and feel like nothing good is happening in my life. Just darkness a big cloud over my head as if I'm to blame for what has happened to me. I've cut a lot of people out my life that doesn't have anything positive to say to me or about me. Just want to be fully happy again be loved by myself and other. And it's almost a year since my brother died just so much emotions right now. .

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  • Just think nothing is forever, things will be different in time.

  • Love that reply , I'm going to keep thinking this and it might help me cope

  • Yeah I no it will thx xx

  • You may have cut them out of yours life thing is they don't. Understand what depression and other problems that go with it mean if they havn't dealt with it before

  • Cutting out negative influences is a very good, very positive thing to do and will help - it'll just take time, and there might be ups and downs on the way. The ingrained thought processes depression fosters are hard to change, but they can be changed, bit by bit.

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