Fight with might - a song

I am ready to fight,

With all my might.

From this day forward,

I will walk in the light.

I walked in the dark,

There was no fun in the park.

Everyday was a living hell,

And now I see a different way.

From weak to strong,

That's why I aim to sing this song.

So come join me,

And rise from your knees.

See the butterflies,

And feel their surprise.

For they bring as they fly,

A message to you,

Restore your strength.

With love, hope and faith.

This road you can take,

And know you can't break.

Rest assured, you are so loved,

From our Lord God who resides up above.

3 Replies

  • At random the words i find, do flow,

    I have to share beyond compare,

    To show the world,

    The lord does care.

    He came to me just last night,

    Restored my wings to carry on my flight.

    How grateful I am,

    His light he did show.

    Filled my heart full love,

    From the dove from above.

    So pure and so white,

    I now have some strength,

    To carry on my fight,

    I shall dance in my garden,

    That is so full of light.

  • Hi Satsuma

    Reallly Great Song! Sounds like you are up & fighting again! That's really Great to hear. I know you have found things really hard & felt like you'd lost your light at the tunnel, but you are intent on finding it and walking towards it again! 😺 You have more inner strength than you think! How we feel usually starts from the inside out, unless of course there is a physical cause. Use your inner strength, keep it topped up with positive songs, words, and the belief we all have in you! Believe in yourself, you have helped people on the forum and sound surprised when they tell you! They wouldn't say it if it wasn't true! Sometimes we can help others when we are going through a tough time too, but just being there and understanding, knowing how they feel! I know you think it might take forever to get there, but take a step & day at a time, and you Will get wherever you want to! Keep taking those steps, follow your light! Take Care. spykey

  • spykey Thankyou for your positive and inspiring words to me. I am glad I help others. We are all helping each other I find. If I could I would take away all the suffering from people and animals in the world. Me no like disharmony and discontent. I am taking baby steps and one day at a time. There was a time back last year that I was living fifteen minutes at a time. Oh my word those days were long and hard. This is one big trek and I am wanting to get to somewhere and I am having one last mighty stab at it. It is now or never and I am giving it my all or else it is nothing. If I can do it so can the next person. We experience pain emotionally and physically, trials and tribulations in all aspects and in differing circumstances but at the end of it we are all spirtual beings having a human experience and we hurt, sometimes very deeply .. There is not enough compassion in the world. Somewhere and somehow a huge light needs to be turned on and kept on. I think I am the spokesperson to bring this to recognition.

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