Lonely but also...better?

I've got this ache wanting some one to cuddle up to and hold. So very tired of my empty bed.

Other than THAT, I have actually been feeling better lately. Rather than just slogging through the day and always feeling bad, I am actually able to sometimes enjoy the moment and find life pretty interesting. And I care about accomplishing my goals again and have been staying pretty active. And I'm back to being able to make a to-do list and without it feeling like the most overwhelming event of the century. Hoorah.

But...at the moment I feel empty because I want some one to hold. I want some one I can trust.

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  • Hi there , I hope you find your special one soon . So delighted one off us is feeling a bit better , such good news to start the day with .😇

  • Good! Hope it gives you some hope cause about a week ago I saw no end in sight. Change is possible :-)

  • Struggling with severe lower back pain but I will be good soon . What a difference a week makes and last week you were so low .Have a great week end . Xx

  • Thank you, Goldfish, I appreciate it.

  • just I agree someone to hold and cuddle would be nice to go for walks along the beach and someone to wake up to each morning

    but people tell me to take one step at a time and it might happen one day

    so glad you our feeling so much better x

  • Yes I know what you mean. I am lonely but also I am better than before.

  • I'm glad you're feeling better at least! I almost view the aching feeling as a good thing because it's like at least I feel something besides numb and awful.

  • And thank you, Edwin

  • Fabulous and great to hear your good news. Agree with Goldfish_ the other things will come in time.

  • Really glad you're feeling better , depression always ends .

    Pity we can't get someone to hold and trust off the shelf but I hope that comes along to. Just feeling better is a big bonus ,you can't expect everything good to happen at once, patience.


  • I expect nothing, it's just natural instinct to have this aching feeling sometimes. But thank you. I actually am relieved to feel something other than wanting my consciousness obliterated haha.

  • That is great news, apart from the loneliness bit. As you gain confidence and learn to love yourself you will find it less of an ordeal. Then you can work upon building friendships to fill this need in other ways and, maybe, a trusted partner may come out of that.

  • Thanks, I think that's great advice. A good, supportive group of friends is just as important as a romantic relationship, I think.

  • HI, Great to hear you are doing so well. Take your time to find the right person for you and not just to have someone there.

    I left lonely when I split from my ex, found a warm hot water bottle and extra pillows to lean against helped me at night.

    I still miss my ex at times, but given the choice of him still being here and not knowing I could trust him or being the stronger person I feel today, I'd rather be as I am and take time to build up my self confidence more so I can find the right person to trust.

    You stay stringer and keep up the good work you've been doing.

    Take care.

  • Oh thank you and glad you're feeling more self-confident.

  • ilovemusic Wow this is great to read. So one can get out of this pit hey. I have bi polar so do not think i will ever clamber out completely. I could be wrong. This depression is consuming me and I feel it permeating my every cell .. Bah .. However you have given me some hope. Thankyou

  • Well done for taking steps forward. That is all anyone can do really. You always meet the right person when you are not even looking for some strange reason. Keep at it, keep postive and keep helping yourself and the relationship side will happen when it is meant to be.

  • Thanks, Katie, and maybe it's because when you're not looking you're not exuding desperation? Haha.

  • Satsuma , you are quite welcome and I know what you mean about it being in every cell. About a week ago I felt like "ick" all the time in my brain and body. Good luck, I'm pulling for you!

  • I am glad you're feeling that little bit better.

    After all that's going on in my world, the thought of never again having someone to hold is devastating. But one step at a time. There's supposed to be someone out there for all of us, I thought I had found mine, but there you go, wrong again. Hopefully, with some of your newfound interest in your life then you will see something or someone that you missed before.


  • Thanks, Nath.