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Hi I hope someone can help me. I have just been for my esa medical assessment, I suffer from bad anxiety and need someone with me most of the time. Because of this anxiety the wait for some sort of decision is not sitting with me very well, so I asked my friend to call esa on my behalf to find out if a decision had been made, she was told that I had fallen into a grey area and that it had been passed on to a specialist decision maker to make the decision. This has sent my anxiety wild for some reason. Has anyone else been through anything similar and was it a decision between the groups or the actual decision if I am entitled to it or not? 



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3 Replies

  • Hi there and I sympathise with your problems. I find uncertainty very difficult too and especially when its around things which affect my basic security (like having enough money to live on)

    I can't answer your question as to whether it is to say whether you are entitled to it or which group; all you could do is to get your friend to phone again and ask them to clarify. It is a horrible waiting time for you and yes unfortunately this process will make your anxiety worse until some decision has been made. Let's hope it doesn't take them too long to let you know.

    Gemma x

  • Thank you Gemma xx after everything I have read on this I have never heard of a specialist decision maker :( I don't even know how many peoplesyns cases end up with a specialist decision maker, it's all so confusing xx

  • As someone has already mentioned, I have never heard of a 'specalist decision maker'. Did you speak with the panel (there are supposed to be three people attending you who would, as far as I know since I have never been asked to attend a meeting for ESA although I have been in receipt of it for quite some time) and they score you in questions they have asked you, the scores being from 1 to 10 as far as I have discovered from my reading articles and what not on the internet, and although they may not give you a decsion there and then but inform you by letter within fourteen days because you suffer from mental health issues and you made them aware of that, they are obliged to give you some idea of the likelyhood of the succes of your application. Get your friend to telephone them and telling them that because you have not been given any indication of how your claim went, your mental health issues have become worse and they are then supposed to give you, through your friend, there and then. You do know that if they reject your claim you can appeal and that 98% of those who do appea lwin their case which begs the question that if the government thought they were saving billions of pounds in the welfare bill, they are actually spending billions of pounds to pay for first of all the private company making these decisions then paying further to the legal system to have their claims decision overturned. I wish you well.

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