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Esa Decision


Finally got the dreaded brown letter and it seems my fears were for nothing as I have been placed in the support group. My only question is does anybody know when I will be sent for reassessment again?, The decision letter says the amounts of benefit apply from 5th October to the 29th November 2018.

For this latest Assesment took a long time to take place as I completed my Esa50 back in January of this year and I only attended the Assesment on 25th September so it took a few nine months.

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You may get an assessment in the New Year. 10 to 12 weeks. ?????

I may be wrong however. What is your Health Concern ?


Jonny2 in reply to borderriever

It's just that after all the messing about they have put me thru seriously taking my anxiety to new levels. I have I hoped they might. Leave me alone for a while as I do not think I cud face another Assesment so soon.

Which support group have they put you in ? I understand there are two different ones.

How old are you ?

I am a Pensioner now for the last three years and I only had one year on a support Group, I cannot remember what it was as I went onto pension. I am sixty eight.

One group was to get you back to work the other was unable to work, something like that


Jonny2 in reply to borderriever

I am 46 and from reading on the Internet the support group appears to mean you do not have to attend any advisor interviews or similar as opposed to the work related activity group where you have regular interviews. My main concern is why give you a decision if they are going to turn around and put you thru the mill all over again.

borderriever in reply to Jonny2


My Wife checked up last night regards these groups, there seems to an increase in groups since my past, It is difficult for us on site generally to relate to the DWP.

I hope they have tried to explain the group to you that you have been placed.

All I can suggest you go on DWP site and look up the pages related to your claim. However I can understand how stressful you must feel regarding these dealings.

We here can give support for mental health concerns if required. I myself have memories and concerns of getting sufficient points associated with my claim.

Do you have other Mental Health concerns, or physical Disabilities. I suffer from both.


Stilltrying_ in reply to Jonny2

Technically they can reassess you at any time but practically speaking they can sometimes leave people alone. I had a reassessment after 12 months. I know exactly what you mean about all the stress. It actually makes your illness ten times worse. I would keep a record of what you wrote this time and all the evidence and just resubmit it if/when they reassess you if your circumstances have not changed in that time . I really sympathise though. I dread going through this stuff. It actually makes me extremely ill whenever I have to go through it; I was close to the "s" word one time because of the stress.

Jonny2 in reply to Stilltrying_

After a long time holding on the line to the dwp I got the answer I needed. My claim will not be reassessed for 12 months. When I asked about the dates at the end of my decision letter she just laughed it off as a mistake. I explained the stress it was putting me thru and all I got back was "well everybody makes mistakes". I asked what I was expected to do while in the support group and all I got was to look on their website which is no help.

As you know if you do not do everything they want they are quick in stopping your benefits.

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