Hello everyone, am new on this  site and i have seen how you help each other and i hope you can help me too, thing is am always angry soooo angry that i isolate my self at times coz i find every one annoying, even my own mum i feel i hate her some times, i cry at whenever some1 says anything mean to me and the anger just wont go away i keep getting angry, help me out pliz

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  • I would n't think anger is an emotion that figures highly in a forum for depression or even anxiety. Would like to help though by suggesting a course on anger management.

    Crying when any one says something mean to you does n't sound much like anger either. i suspect you are very young and maybe a bit mixed up. Talk to your mum or another adult about this and they will probably help. We do help each other as much as we can but your problem is a bit outside my experience.


  • Hi do you think you have depression?   It's hard to advise you without knowing your age.   x

  • Anger is a symptom of depression.and can be a cover up for what is really troubling you. Some time spent in therapy (behavioral therapy) could be life changing for you.Anti- depressants alone or in combination   with therapy could be another choice.Anger is a very destructive emotion which will do more damage to you than to the person it's directed ti.One more thing, if you do take anti-depressants it can take  awhile  to find the one that works for you and then several weeks before they begin to work.

    I hope this is helpful to you, it's what worked for me.

  • Hi. Do you know why you're angry. Emotions and thoughts go hand in hand. There must be some underlying thoughts you're telling yourself that are making you angry. Try to zero in on them and challenge them. I agree with Vintage-me; therapy and medication combined would help 

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