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Hello,. Me again,. promoting hippy health and wellbeing again ✌🏻️ ...this time how about a movie (was a book last time!) 

I'll post link at end,. So this is the trailer, via YouTube but the movie itself is free to watch,. Just google That Vitamin Movie & simply log in with your email address - and then  you can watch (stream) the movie, free for seven days,.

The first reason I'm posting this, is because of the direct link between nutritional deficiency and depression.

Secondly, for anyone who might be on medications,. Pretty much ANY medications, it's worth a looksee.. 


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  • ((...I should have said, as another sorta 'intro'. I'd highly recommend watching docco "Food Matters"., if you have means/opportunity I'd highly recommend,. but either ways this - That Vitamin Movie - is free to watch so why not ;)) xx 

  • I just watched this movie AGAIN(!) ...and I just wanted to stress some of what I've mention before,. in regards to mental health / drugs v  nutritional therapies; one chap ( is quoted as saying how damaging some psychiatric drugs can be to patients "..typically on average live 10-25yrs LESS than someone NOT on the anti-psychotics..." - i found this SHOCKING - he also goes onto attribue heart issues, blood sugar issues and weight gain as known side-effects that your average doctor will NOT discuss with you/the patient when prescribing these meds... :( 

    ...I cannot urge you enough to go watch this docco - its free (for about 1 more day!) to stream online.. ...if you have health issues or indeed take meds pls go watch..  

    ty xx

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