In the bad place again

Hi everyone, sorry I've been awol and unable to respond/read anyone's posts for several weeks as I was busy with a new (temp) job, and also forgot my password.

Briefly I've had another mental health crisis and fortunately reached out for and got some help this time, as it's been quite bad. Basically after some weeks of insomnia I just shut down. In a crisis house just now, with new meds and lots of r&r.

I don't know if I still have a timing, as usual is atrocious. I can't get online very much, but when I have got through this, one way or another, I'll update and share my experiences. Hope everyone else is as well as they can be.


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2 Replies

  • Thanks for updating us. It seems like you've been through a really tough time. Take care and look after yourself . Gemma x

  • Hello Sara

    Keep a hold, do not worry about what is happening at work just get yourself sorted and if need be we are around for a chat

    How are you getting on in the centre ??