I have been through alot these past few years

I have stuggled to control my feeling in and outside of work. I jave never recieved any help with my depression before because i was too scared of what my family and friends would think of me. A few weeks ago i was going to be given a diciplinary for my abscence at work. The manager was aware of my problem and we had a talk about what could be put in place for me to be well at work. So i said i would like to have regular weekly meetings with her so she knows how i am getting on. And counselling with companies at work. 1 week later she had a talk with me and asked how i was doing i said i feel ok taking my meds and talking to people about how i feel on a day to day basis. After that everything went from bad to worse i felt like killing myself. Now i have a new job but i dont know what to do stay or go because i cannot be perfect for any job my mind wont settle on one thing and i dont know what kind of job i would like to get into. Maybe i wasnt meant to be here😭😭😭

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  • HI

    wow - you have a new job that is amazing.

    I think you need a pat on the back just for going there...

    I think that you have done the right thing - you have admitted that there is a problem and you have had the courage to get some help.

    just take a deep breath and realise that you have taken a good step forward.

    It can be difficult at work - especially a new job.  I've just moved into a new role at work and it is very scary. I know my old job backwards and now I am facing the idea that I have not got a clue what is going on.

    But it's ok!  just remind yourself - they know I don't know everything and they are not expecting that of me - I'm the newbie and so no one is expecting anything amazing from me.  Just take a breath and try to deal with the important things first and if you're not sure what they are then ask... that's what being the newbie means.

    Try to be kind to yourself - I know I have to. I find it hard not being the all knowing oracle anymore but I have to remind myself that no one is expecting that from me in my new role (except me).

    I think that you should think about speaking with your family about  what they could do for you - if they love you they will help you and support you. 

    I wish you all the best in your new role - good luck

  • Hi , you did really well getting another job. Is your new employer aware so that they can support you ? l really think that you could benefit from talking to your family. As you have now started talking about your problems, please try . They may be already aware but not like saying anything until you do. You need some support. What about your doctor too ?  l'm sure those who love you will be only too happy to help in any way they can.

    Keep getting support from here too. Good luck and let us know how you get on.  

  • So sorry you're feeling low.  I've had lots of episodes of severe depression and a few where I felt I could just barely hold it together enough to work.  It's scary & frustrating.  Hope you feel better.

  • I have had similar experiences with jobs where I couldn't cope just being there so I would leave or run out the office and never go back, hope you start to feel ok again soon 

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