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feeling low


hi everyone, i have had major depression issues since 2 years ago around about this time when i had a breakdown. the depression is very on and off. i have a very stressful job being a assistant manager which is full time. my boss can be very negative all the time so this sucks huge amounts of life out of me each day, which when i get home i am so exhausted and drained from negativity and complaining throughout the day. I am a very positive person generally but the past few months it so bad now that i  just don't want to do anything at all. i have had counselling before which was a break through but i don't want to go onto medication. i am the strong one for everyone so i can't talk to anyone and feel quite alone. i try to talk to my partner about this but i feel like that sometimes I'm a burden and he doesn't want to listen anymore.

i am sorry if i ranted a bit 

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Hi there. I think most people today have stressful jobs, it's a matter of

Learning to cope with stress. Is your Boss sitting beside you all day? If not then

You don't have to listen to them, just ignore his way or her way. Are they nasty? So

Maybe if they are negative see it as their problem not yours. In life we have to deal

With all types of people and personalities, and life can be stressful if we don't 

Manage our stress.

Try Mindfullnes Meditation, or how About going for some excercise after work to

Destress, a walk or a swim. Yes people unfortunately will get bored and fed up

If they feel we are harping on all the time about our problems. As I'm sure he

Has his own problems too. Who hasn't?  Have you any hobbies that you can use

To occupy your mind and take you away from your stress.

There is not a job in the world where there is no stress, or people who get on our

Nerves, just block them out and concentrate n your work and you will feel

Better. What do you work at? Anyway I hope you can find some way to feel better,

I'm giving my input on the bit you have written and naturally I do t know you or if you have children etc. Is this the only problem you have? Ok hope you feel a bit better soon, maybe it might be an idea to go for Counselling and it's often better to talk

To someone outside of our immediate family.


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Hi there yes I get you now. That must be tough to work closely with someone who is like that. Is there any way you could transfer to another Branch or would that be worse, do you think she know that you are upset?

I wonder if you went with her after work and tried to tell her that you feel

Upset when. She does this .. . Or that, maybe she is unaware that she

Is a pain in the butt. STick around this community for support, it's great and even though it's quiet now, I'm sure other people might have different t ideas to help you. As we all look at situations differently, in the meantime please look after yourself and keep in touch. I'm wondering if antidepressants would help you? Is there a particular reason that you don't want them? I know when we are Depressed the least little thing can annoy us and we become maybe over sensitive, I know I was like this when I was very Depressed.

Feel free to message me anytime for a chat and please never feel your

Alone as you now have this Forum for support.


Thank you for your reply. 

Unfortunately she is usually with me all day and it gets personal sometimes. I work at Holland and Barrett and do understand how depression can affect lives so naturally because we help people on a daily basis I always say to myself that it will get better and easier but I find my anxiety and depression hit when she is around. I don't have any kids. I am going to try walking after work to see how it may help. 

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