Depression and acupuncture

Hi folks sorry I have not been on since my first post last year. I ended up getting taken into hospital the next day for 42 day to get my depression under control. Hospital staff done an amazing job bringing me back from the edge of no return. My mood had lifted but not back to being my old self. But what I want to share is I have been getting acupuncture for back and hip pain due to osteoarthritis in hip. The lovely lady who has been doin the acupuncture asked if I would mind if she put an extra few needles in just to see if it would lift my mood. It has changed my life completely I have not cried or had 1 dark thought in the last 4weeks. I have not not felt this content for over 6 years easily. I'm not saying I'm a 100% better maybe only 50% but feel 75%.

I hope you make sense of this. I'm not very good at writing things into words

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  • Hi glad to hear your feeling so much better ! That's fantastic news. My friend recommended acupuncture I did go for one session but then had hypnotherapy and counselling booked so was going to see how I felt after that but the acupuncture was great. I'm sure had I taken that option it would have worked. My friends daughter had 12 sessions as she's was unbalanced after drugs etc and it bought her back to her old self. I like alternative options alongside medication so thanks for posting!

    Wish you continued love , content, and happiness 😀xx

  • Gosh this is brilliant, I often thought about trying acupuncture but a few people said they hadn't felt it was much good for them, one was giving up smoking and the other had pain from liver problems.

    I'm really interested in this, I'll try anything that gets recommended to me to be honest!, I'm not currently too bad but it's all worth knowing for the future.

    Thanks for posting, I truly hope you keep getting better every day.

    All the best to you.


  • I fully recommend giving it a try. I have had acupuncture for last few years for pain and worked wonders. But when she done it for mood it truly blew me away.

    If you do try it please let me k ow how you get on please :0)

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