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Bereavement and depression

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Hello, I'm new here and have been treated for depression in the past and was widowed during treatment. Have been raising young children on my own, been on and off anti depressants. Thought I was managing OK then had a breakdown over lockdown. Back on antidepressants.

Interested in talking to people who have experienced complicated grief as I think it's something I am struggling with.

Thanks xx

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hi welcome aboard sorry that your grieving hopefully one of our other forums can be of good help it`s called bereavement care and share and it`s a great little community and very supportive and understanding.

So sorry for your loss Roma - I have a friend who is currently going through this, she is on the waiting list for grief counselling. You may also want to contact Cruse who specialise in bereavement care.

You can investigate this from the link below:

Important to take good care of yourself, seeking help and support are ways you can help and care for yourself.

Best wishes BK

Welcome Roma

When we loose someone we love it is always a good idea if you can talk out your Loss with someone who knows both you and deceased, There is a site here regards Bereavement that may be able to help.

Lock down was a real negative time, especially when we felt isolated and always wondering if we would be ok. May I ask what happened to your Partner ?

Children also have problems coming to terms with the loss of a Parent, how are they getting on


Hi thanks for your reply, my wife had breast cancer. Our children were 4 and 1 at the time, they are amazing kids, but I do worry that my eldest bottles up her emotions as she has gotten older.We have gone to support groups for families with rowcroft when we were able to and recently I have taken us to see someone's who works with the emotional wellbeing of children. There have been no concerns about them raised by anyone else, I just worry

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LouBL0u in reply to Roma7

Hi I just wanted to say well done, as someone who is 5 years clear of Breast cancer- you are being the best parent - mental health struggles are real and complex and you are supporting your children to get through. Try and build in some time for you too.. the aeroplane /oxygen thing is a thing! 🌼

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Bkin in reply to LouBL0u

Congratulations Lou reaching 5 years clear. I am going tomorrow for my annual check. Its 2 years since my surgery, seem to be on tender hooks until I get the all clear letter after mammogram.

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Bkin in reply to Roma7

Its sounds like you are doing all the Right things, it is so important for you and your children to get the extra help and support you all need, ongoing. You are doing a great job.

So sorry to hear of your loss, it is traumatic for everyone concerned but I am so glad you are seeking the help you need.

Wishing you and your children the best after care and in future days you will be able to find Joy again.

Luv n hugs to you and your family.

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borderriever in reply to Roma7

Life is rough when we loose someone and sometimes children will feel a great loss and it will take time to normalise back when she lets go of Her loss.The same applies with other family members. You seem to have taken positive steps to move on with Therapy. I personally wish the country was back to normal and it becomes easier to get away for a break. So all I can do is suggest you have some family ME TIME, possibly at a Weekend, even a day out together may enable everyones positive thoughts to return. It does not need to be expensive, just time together to move away from this tragic loss of a family member. You need to make new memories, although you will never really get used to the families loss.

Good Luck


You are less alone than you think. Reaching out and asking for help is a hard thing to do. I lost my dad coming up to 2 years my depression has not been great since then but I'm working on it. I hope you get the support you and your family need.

Thanks you for your lovely replies and advice. Life sometimes carries you away and it's hard to find the time to stop and take stock and remind yourself of where things are going well. I do struggle on my own to do that but I am trying to find new things and ways that will help xx

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