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This is my first post. I am feeling really upset and low at the moment. I am feeling lost and sad!

I am 23 yrs old and have already gone through divorce. I am not able to come out of it. I have developed migraine because of the stress and I am on pills continuously. All this makes me even more sad. Even though I decided to continue with my studies I can't concentrate on them. I came to London for this reason, to come out of the environment and maybe this will help me.

Here, a guy fell in love with me and does everything to keep me and also start a new life with me. But I feel upset whenever I think about my future because I am so lost. I don't know what to do. I keep telling him to go away because I think this mental pain and suffering will never end for me and I don't want him to see me suffer and suffer with me.

I don't know what to do and I think I will never be normal again in life. :-(


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3 Replies

  • Hi there and welcome. Your very young to be divorced, and I'm wondering have

    You jumped into another relationship too quickly. After a breakup we need to be

    On our own and get emotionally healthy and work through the issues that

    Caused the marriage to break up. I think it's fairly normal to be stressed and

    Sad after a breakup.

    Maybe you need tine on your own to focus on yourself , and then when you get

    Emotionally well, you will be much more likely to have a healthy and good relationship

    With a partner.


  • Hi Hannah,

    Thank you for your reply. I have not jumped into any relation with the guy I was talking about. Rather, he says he is always gonna be there for me. He says I am ready to wait all my life for you to be okay and back to normal and then start a new life with him.

    All of this worries me when I think- 'After my divorce, will I never be able to trust any person( any guy) and ever be able to live a normal life?'

    I don't know what to do with it.

  • Hi, I hope this reply finds you well. I am sorry to hear about your divorce, but do not let it get the best of you. Right now it might seem that there is no ending to your suffering but you are the only one who can be in control of your happiness. Maybe you gave your heart to someone who did not deserve it, but the fact that it didn't work out means that he was not the one for you. To love someone is to give ourselves to that person and trust, but something like a divorce can leave you lost and afraid to ever do it again. The first step is to realize that things always work out for the best, and you have to know that there is a future where you are happy, with someone you love and are the best version of yourself. Be strong, you have suffered enough and its time to put the divorce in the past and take a step toward the better. Continue on with your studies, focus on doing things that make you happy. You do not have to find someone right away, that person will naturally come into your life and that is when it is true love. This new guy seems like he really cares for you but him asking to be with you might be a constant reminder of your last one which makes it harder to move on. No pressure, you are young and I know you want a way out of this suffering and it starts with building the things you want to see in the future.

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