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its time to say no to living

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Why's that I love you 454??? Tell me???

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whats the point in fighting for pain my life is painful

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I feel the same so sorry I can't help but hugs x

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Hello love

Yes I understand the pain of living, do you suffer a chronic illness ?

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My disability is generally caused by a chronic illness and I need to live with that.

You need to ask yourself the reason why you are feeling this way.

Always try and look for positive things when you are feeling so depressed.

When we woke up this morning we looked out of the window to a fantastic day, the sun is shining over the hills and the sky in blue with no clouds. We have had to draw the patio blinds so I can see the laptop screen, yes the weather has been really bad and many poo people have had their homes flooded out. I hope that all is well for you and you are not affected by the flooding rivers.

At our old address we were flooded and had to move out of our home for six months

How can I help ?.


I do sympathise, but you have to fight and devise ways of changing your life,I know it is hard but when we put our minds to it we can do anything we want to change this in a positive way.

Please hang in there and never give up hope.

Don't just give up I love you 454.dont know how old you are but you can try and do things you used to enjoy and find things to enjoy all you have to do is change your life,job social circle.your itself gives us something to fight for.8 months ago I was right down where you are thought I didn't love my family.thought I dint like my friends was hating myself and did not want to be here.i thought about dark thoughts then small steps doing things I used to like and helping my self learn what was wrong with me its all chemical in our brains and we can get that balance was a long road and is still going on but through hard work and determination you will get there I'm not healed or cured but I am a better person than I used to be.why don't you try and volunteer to help people that gives you lots of self worth.are you on medication believe me it does help.good luck stay strong and change your life you can do it.

I feel your pain, you came on this site 4 months ago crying for help, you feel alone and want someone to take you by the hand and show you the way to recovery. With depression we all feel alone and the hardest part is we have to help ourselves. Tell your family how you really feel it will scare them at first but they will support you, go to the doctors they have medication that can clear these dark moods from your head, so that one day your plastic smile will feel real again. I think you really need to talk to someone close to you, you want help, you are screaming for help but you must find it yourself. You have survived four months feeling like this and you will survive many more but don't do it alone. The hardest thing I ever did was ask for help from my doctor but it was a major turning point in my life I did it because I did not want to hurt my family anymore. Depression will make you feel worthless, pointless, useless and unloved but I can assure you that this is what your head is doing to you, you are not in control of your subconscious mind no matter how much you may think you are.

Please get help and support don't be afraid to speak your mind, you are never alone.

Love and hugs Maria xxx

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Fantastic reply Maria x


Hi iloveyou454, Please don't do that. I was there this time last year. I didn't know what was wrong with my. I hurt, my head was all over the place and I just thought why? Why bother.

But you know what, there are good things out there waiting for you. You say your life is painful and why fight for pain.

Well I have been friends with some great people who have suffered from physical pain almost all their lives and I was lucky to be part of their lives while the achieved great things by winning world records and paralympic medals. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If it's emotional pain then most of us have been through that and just we might not have your experience but we can use our experiences and what's worked for us to advise you on how to help yourself or where to go for help.

The best thing you can do for yourself if to give yourself a chance to be happy.

Welly10 is right about sometimes the chemicals in your brains get out of whack, that's how my doctor explained it when trying to assure me that the medication he was going to give me would help. He understood the reasons why I didn't want to take it and respected my views on also looking for alternative solutions to help me. I have to say the medication has really helped and him signing me up for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and to a Stress Control course also helped.

Are you sleeping? Are you eat healthily? If you are surviving on less than 7 hours sleep then this can affect how you view situations and also if your diet isn't right that could affect you as well.

Please don't give up, you can get through these dark days. If you need immediate support please call one of the support lines.

Please be strong. If I can get help and feel better I know you can.


I do understand that you are in pain right now. I do understand that there does not appear to be an end to it. I want you to know that it will get better. It is temporary. This too will pass. I want to give you hope.

Please get help.

sorry but its time to say "yes" to living!

Don't let depression get the better of you. Your life has so much to offer not only to you but to others as well. Please make use of it and live it to enjoy.

We've all been there and thought of "what is the point" and the answer to that is search for your strengths and capitalise on them. Only you can realize this and make the most of it so that it benefits you and others. I've done a blog you can refer to and see if anything there helps you and that you find it useful in some way.



Hi I had a look at your previous post before replying. My mother was like you in the sense she expected us all to pick up on how unhappy and depressed she was. Unfortunately we didn't so she continually kicked off and made herself and us miserable. That's exactly what you are expecting your loved ones to do isn't it?

You need to sit them down and tell them what is going on and how you feel. You need to tell them how they can help you. I am sure they love you very much so don't punish them for not knowing and not being mind readers. Everyone has their own life and their own problems too don't forget. I am sure they know something is wrong but don't know what or how to tackle it. Give them the chance to help you and don't expect the impossible from them.

Like Maria said it is at the times we feel so hopeless that we have to be strong and take some action to change it. Very hard to do, but you have already taken the first step in coming in here and talking to us. The second step will be easier. Seek the help and support of your family and take their advice. You can't trust depression thoughts so lean on those you love and trust to do their best for you. Ok?

Let us know how you get on. Bev xx