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Dont believe all of your MED BOX warnings or you would never take another med . it says the same things on the packet of paracetamol so dont worry its just the manufactuer covering there back . A guy came in to a chemist i was in and handed back his meds . He said he has read the leaflet and was not risking anything that had that many warnings , the chemist tried to calm him and told him his doc had given him the script to help him . But he was not having any off it and walked out the shop to god knows .

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A good reminder thanks manic. If that man is so stupid not to use a bit of common sense then good luck to him. He will just have to suffer.... x


To take prescribed medications including Paracetamol, is always a well informed choice.

You take the drug to get better, most drugs have negative contraindications. We take those to get well or control a condition.

I take Opiates every day and I have to sign for them even when a Pensioner. They are a controlled drug

Some of my other drugs affect mood, my PSA and Arthritis, some can be very dangerous

We do what we have to to be able to function throughout our lives, with me I could suffer massive bleeds in my gut. I take those informed risks



bob you right, if the guy was ill enough he would have took the meds


really good point


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