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Completely random suggestion - this is an Australian magazine ( hard to find in UK!!!) but app is free and you can read lots online too. The reason I'm even suggesting this magazine is, I have been so sick and fed up with the usual crap, patronising magazines for "women" (all about hair /makeup/ beauty, sex.. ok don't get me wrong all those topics are fun, but they're not the be-all-end-all of human/female existence!!! - how about a magazine that is encouraging and respectful of women, treats its readers as peers, with brains and creativity....?

I could go on,.! But haha! This'll probably do for now...


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  • Hi good link thank you. I long ago gave up reading 'womens magazines' as they are so tedius and stupid. You are right - they are insulting to any intellient woman aren't they? x

  • ...think I grew up liking magazines that are specific / genre-based, music mags, movie mags...etc etc,. (...was never particularly interested in hair / makeup / recipes...blurgh... though haha I'd happily look at foodie mags now, or gardening! am pretty sure my "younger self" would do a big old dramatic "eye roll" to that...) Anyhoo really thought worth mentioning this treasured find...I hope you/& a few others take a peek,. TY for responding :-)

  • Yes I am the same. I thought the message from those sort of mags was that appearance for a woman is everthing and nothing else mattered! If you followed all the tips you would have no time for living life at all... x

  • I subcribe to Psychology magazine you would find that really interesting and helpful articles onhow the mind works etc

  • @bengal2013 Yes I have seen that magazine,. but never bought,. I don't know why...I may take another look! Thanks for the suggestion.. :)

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