are you lonesome tonight

are you lonesome tonight

do you miss me tonight

are you sorry we drafted apart

does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day

when i kissed you and called you sweetheart

do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare

do you gaze at healthunlocked and realise i'm not there

if your heart filled with pain that i won't be hear again

tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

goodbye to all BIGALAN

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31 Replies

  • U ok

  • Are you ok Alan please message me A.S.A.P

  • Hey Alan people worried here, u ok

  • Hi Alan hope you are ok ? X

  • Have you read Alan's message today ?? The last message left from a really honest lady called Karen x

  • hi Sandraan i hope you will except my apologies for putting the stress i have over last two days, i just what you to know that i when for an MRI scan this afternoon to find out what's going off, i'm okish at the moment but a lot better than i was hope your ok now you have heard from me and excepted my apologies take care my friend Alan xx

  • Think you must be feeling a bit down tonight but really hope tomorrow is a better day. Get in touch when you are feeling better x

  • Hi Alan are you ok? Please let us know.


  • Hi I'm mags welcomed me to the forum a few months ago but I was not in a very good place and did not reply.I'm feeling much better now and really hope that you are fine too.Take care .Mags 58.

  • Allan I can not private inbox you, Iv had trouble for over a week that's why I haven't been intouch please message me tonight doesn't mattere what time

  • Bigalan, What are you saying? are you okay?

  • I can see you are really down. But PLEASE let us all know that you are ok we are all worried about you. You are important to everyone here xxx

  • Alan we spoke today my friend, remember?

    We chatted about you not feeling well, and I said you will soon. You reminded me you live in Nottingham,

    Please mate you have all these real Friends worried about you, please private message someone, we ALL love you even though you're an online friend, it's better than a friend you pop out with down pub, because we can hear each other.

    I know you're not well etc please please please contact somebody to let us know you're ok.



  • Hey there Alan is all well with you? Such a very sad post! People on here love you and value you so much! Just a quick message to let everyone know you are OK! would be great!

    Take it easy !!


  • Morning everyone has anyone heard from Bigalan? Feel concerned about him x

  • No, I'm very worried to, it's really not like him not to message back ????? Xx

  • Iv got to go out now for for hours can't use my phone, but will keep looking to see if you have heard from him, or please could you let me no if you hear from him, MANY THANKS x

  • Hope all is well Bigalan?

  • Hi Alan, So sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. I can see from your post that you are severely depressed and urge you to visit your Doctor about this. Like everyone is saying, you are a much loved friend who has supported many of us when we are down. Let us help you now please! Take care xxx

  • Hello Bigalan

    Are you feeling helpless and need to TALK ??

    You have people here that are worried about you and want to help.

    There is always a way out of the worry you are suffering from.

    If things are so bad call the emergency line and get taken into safety. You can also phone the Police and they can also help you. Both can provide an opening that will help your negativity.

    At least phone your GP and arrange two appointments together, He will now you and possibly know the causes of your condition.

    All of above can arrange an appointment with the Crisis Team in your Area. They can make positive ways to deal with your depression and low mood.


  • Hi Alan you sent me a lovely welcome when I joined this forum. I don't use it much but I do hope you're ok xx

  • Annalou Thank you for your message I'm so sorry I can not private message you mines is not working I have told HU we are working on it soon as I can I will message you, xx

  • Please has anybody heard from ALAN at all today ?? X

  • Hi Sandraan like you I am really concerned but not heard from Alan It's very worrying. X

  • Hi Silverlady, yes this is a brilliant site and really does help people, and you do become friends and build up great friendships with people. Let's face it sometimes we speak more to each other on here than we do to our family/friends, but when something like this happens you really do feel so very very helpless, there is nothing anyone of us can do ??? I can not private inbox the last week so I haven't been able to private speak to Alan, I have not been good myself the last couple of weeks so I have been in contact with Alan three four times a day ( well more like he's been intouch with me ) so I'm feeling Really guilty at the moment, but I just can not inbox anybody privately, I'm extremely worried now, because this is really out of character for Alan, I don't know what to do ???? Thank you for replying I feel as you do xxx

  • Bigalan,

    I'm crying now real tears running down my cheeks 😪😪 you wouldn't want me to cry would you? You once said to me I was welcome to Nottinghamshire to see you, meet you in person. But now I can't reach you to chat with online?

    I'm so anxious now I can't stop crying, please Alan it's been all day, please don't stay alone and quiet, please come out and talk online. Private message me. Please......

    So worried and we have never spoken, met or even seen a photo. You were so happy with your weight loss and had come to a stand still, I need to chat online about how you did lose such a huge lose. Please speak?


  • Hi lottie, we are all very worried like you, but I'm sure Alan is ok and will be intouch with us all very soon, please try not to worry, just be positive we will hear from him tomorrow, sometimes he does take himself off out for the day or weekend, so this may be the case now, please try not to worry xxx

  • Ok thank you, but I'm so worried I only spoke online to him the day before and I wished him better and he said I doubt it

  • Yes I know it is really out of character, but Alan knows we are all here, because he's always the jolly,supportive, one now he is feeling down and low may be he is just not up to coming on hear, I'm sure we will hear from him tomorrow, sleep well and don't worry xx

  • I've been thinking about him all day. Has anyone heard anything? I am really worried for him.

  • Morning everyone is there still no news from Alan? You can't help but feel worried for him. You are very much in our thoughts Alan whatever you are going through we all want to help you please get in touch with someone and let us all know you are ok xxx

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