Depressed and bored AF😔😭

its been a week since I know I am on a gap year. Every morning I wake up with a feeling of dread and sadness. I barely move. I don't want to get out of bed even. Then all day I barely want to eat. I loved to read books but I can't focus for more than three pages without feeling my heart sinking. I can't find anything interesting. Everything has lost the appeal. There is nothing to make me happy anymore. I tried being positive. I was positive and happy for a whole hour and the bad feelings creeped up. i am helpless against them. My mom scolds for me for staying in bed all day. She tells me to get out and move on and try to find other things to occupy myself with. But there is nothing. What makes it worse is that all my friends are in school. And i feel i wont survive this depression it is so baddd. ive never fely so bad. Can someone suggest what to do? 😔😔

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  • Hello in one way your Mother is right, it is no good staying in bed, you need to set your alarm to the time you rose when at school and keep to that time for sleeping and rising.

    If you find your life so bad and upsetting you need to find a activity that will keep your mind active throughout the day, could you work voluntary in a nursing home or hospital, PALS are always looking for people to give a hand. You may learn quite a lot from that that will help after your gap year.

    Mental Health Day Centres need people as well, that sort of work will allow you too learn and help you control your condition.


  • Can you suggest me anything to do? Any active activity or any hobby? I can barely focus on reading now I used to read 3 books in a week with school. Now I read one in 3 months. And I used to write a lot I had this story I was writing but I kept leaving it in the middle when it didn't work out.

  • Listen to some music write a story about your life look to the future think of the good things ano it's easy saying it I've had anxiety 7 year if I go out il walj to me mams it feels weird my legs go all jellyfish I go weak I start panicking and run go all hot and feel like collapsing so awful but I've lived with it still are mornings are terrible I spin every time I lift my head up and a think of the bad things but during the day I clean play with me kids just yo take my mind if it but inside my head it's still there these symptoms

  • Hello

    Go see your GP if it is a matter of been depressed, concentration can also be lost and sometimes you may need some form of support and medication to lift the mood.

    One of the reasons I mentioned Mental Health Day Centres is that if you become involved there you are getting support and friendship from those people around you and that support will help you control your mental health problems. Sometimes these centres, the good ones will offer a restricted course of CBT. To be surrounded by those who have or had mental health problems can explain coping techniques

    You also have people here who will give support. Many are very nice understanding people. They know all the pitfalls linked with depression


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