Brain cyst

On Friday our youngest daughter telephoned "I don't want you to worry but I've got a cyst on my brain " How can I not worry, she is more pragmatic than me. Have spent all weekend sat on the sofa, feel I'm going backwards . It's hard because she lives in Yorkshire, three and a half hours away. I feel helpless but I don't want her to feel I'm pushing in, she's married with three children and it's her husband's place. But I just want to cuddle her and make things better. Haven't looked it up on web, I thought it might make it worse. Maybe my anxiety makes me selfish , wanting to take over when it's for her and her husband to cope with. Regards Lorna

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  • It is natural to worry about our children but hopefully in time you will talk it through with her and find they can remove the cyst or that leaving it is unlikely to do harm.


  • It's hard not dash there even though I know it wouldn't change anything. But you are right. It's not time to panic better to wait until we get more information. Thanks for your reply. Regards Lorna

  • Hello Lorna

    Sorry for your worry, it is difficult when someone we love has something potentially serious wrong with them.

    If you really need to find out more of the condition you could have a look on the NHS CHOICES site A-Z Conditions. That will brief you on all the problems associated etc.

    It will also go through treatment options etc.

    Mind you need not look at the condition all black, most could be grey or white.

    Your daughter will have had tests and scans so they will know what they are wanting to do to make Her well.

    I am sorry I cannot give you anything positive, it will be up to your daughter what she wants to say, so please do not worry

    If you need a chat I am generally around


  • Thanks Bob. I'm trying really hard to be positive. I can't look on the internet as I'm sure it will make things worse. My imagination runs riot, usually in the wrong direction. Hopefully she will get an appointment for a full MRI scan soon. Thanks Lorna

  • Hello

    Keep calm it is no good you becoming stressed and ill.


  • Hi I am sorry to hear this. Of course you are going to be very worried - after all she is your daughter. Maybe you can Skype each other? Would that help? x

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. I am not keen on using Skype, but I can message her. Just keeping my fingers crossed at the moment. Regards Lorna.

  • hi mamam at this time im sure your wanting to wrap your arms round your girl ! try and stay strong that can help each other have you asked if she needs or could be needing help ! i dont think you are trying to.take over your just trying to be a mother ! have you asked your daughter if she could be doing with help with the children ! i applaud you for wanting help take care and god bless you david

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