End of week 7, starting week8 - Yay me!!

Well here I am again. When I started this journey over seven weeks ago, I decided to do it my way. I needed to be healthier, get fitter, but knew there would be times where I may not be quite as strict or regimented as some in order to meet my goals. I wasn't going to beat myself up about enjoying a night out, or a meal with family/ friends because life is for living.

Tomorrow is my 7 week assessment at the gym. It should be at 9 weeks but I head off on my holidays in two days. I have continued to increase resistance where I was able, mainly arms, and am persevering with the rest. When I joined I was told it would be possible to lose half a stone before my holidays, an achievable target.

Anyway, to get to my point. A few weeks ago someone 'suggested' that I should be doing things differently and it put me off coming on here for a bit. Everyone else has been so supportive, and am sure this person meant well, but my journey is just that - MY journey.

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a stone since I started, averaging 2lbs per week (including the week when I didn't lose weight at all😄) I have also visibly lost inches, and had to put another notch in my belt on my jeans - and they are still loose.

My way works for me, and I will continue to soldier on - after my holidays.

Today is my birthday, so I have two reasons to celebrate - the other being the scales this morning.

So, to anyone else on the same journey - only you can choose your road, you have to walk (or run) it. If you have a good day, enjoy! If you have a bad day, tomorrow is a fresh start. The only person who can judge you is you.

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  • Hi many happy returns of the day. Hope you have got lots of nice pressies and are celebrating with family/friends.

    You are right you have to do things your way and if it works for you then great. If you post on here asking for advice then you will sometimes get replies which aren't necessarily helpful to you, but remember someone is taking the time and effort to try and help even if they do get it wrong. It's the thought that counts so don't be put off by this.

    Have a good day. x

  • Hi there and Happy Birthday, I wonder are you on the wrong site? This a Depression

    Forum, there is a Weightloss specific site on HU which is very good, and you would

    Get more answers there I'm sure.


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