Hi, I'm another new person on the site. Reading all your messages - it's good to know there's other people out there going through similar things, who have an understanding of what I'm going through. Started taking anti depressants in Feb but came off them 2 months ago (doc recommended this) but now feel worse than ever, so think I'm going to go back on them, just waiting to see the Docter for advice....

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Hi there, sorry you are going through such a rough time at the moment, has your doctor recommend some counselling? It can sometimes be touch and go to find the right one, but they have good training to help you talk through your issues and give advice.

But at the same time try some of the wonderful self help techniques that are available on the net, again you have to try to be open minded and just try different things to see what speaks out to you.

Today I listened to one of the TED talks on you tube by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor followed by a lovely interview with Oprah Winfrey, and it can sometimes just help see things a little differently.

It's never so simple to turn things around, but you can and will move forward, nothing in our world is permanent, be it happiness or sadness and we will always have both, the trick will be always finding the path that takes you back to happiness and you will, please try hard to believe that. My heart goes out to you, take care xx

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Thanks for your message. Yes I have tried counselling and may well again. As a person I have always been open minded, willing to try different things. I have been looking at mindfulness amongst other things, and try and be in the moment rather than think about the past or future. Don't know but nothing seems to be helping right now. For a long time now I've had a high level of stress, which I've coped with - have a 15 yr who has anger problems(since around 7yrs old)and some educational needs. My dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's in January. So when I'm not working I'm helping my mom. February it all got too much with coping and I had to take a couple of weeks of work and reluctantly went on anti depressants and had some counselling. It seemed to help, along with of course some side effects. After having check ups with 3 different docs (never the same doctor at our local surgery) it was suggested to try and come off the tablets, I did, by doing it as requested halving tablet etc... 8 weeks on I feel worse than I did at the start of the year. I don't want to lose my job, but it also quite a stressful environment with a lot of deadlines and just not coping. I have told my work and they said to 'hang in there'. Sometimes it's just seems sooo hard to handle everything and all you really want to do is collapse in to bed and not get up again but you know you got to.......



You need to discuss a treatment plan with your GP. With him withdrawing medications He may wish to try a different approach with your condition. Such as talking therapy, in that case he will be under advisement from your CPN, or other Mental Health Advisor

If you need support we are here to help


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If its the first time you've been depressed the doctor will try taking you off them to see how you go ,but not usually before six months. It may be you should continue on them for longer and your GP will probably now realise this .

Some of us have recurring depression and take medication more or less permanenly. This is easier for men , with young women who might want children GPs have to be careful with what long term ads they prescribe ,but suitable ones do exist ,so even that's not the end of the world.

In my opinion it is best to minimise any drug, but some times continuing use is necessary. You might like to browse "Jim Phelps MD " and on his website he has several suggestions for drug free treatments , although this is not always effective and drugs are also needed.

Sorry to hear of anyone with depression ,its not nice , but there are compensations.


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Thanks for your replies


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