Depression and crohns

Hi everyone I'm getting really worried about losing my job soon due to the amount of sickness iv had tim off due to my crohns iv been signed off 3 weeks now and due to go back 2mrrw im due back monday but still feel very runned down.I'm already on a stage 2 review for sickness. I also suffer from high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. If I did lose my job would I be able to receive any benefits or help? Really worried about my future. Worried about bills and money in general. Even been put on lighter duties but I'm still struggling just feel so worn out and run down. 😯 should i go back to work tomorrow? What do u guys think i should do?

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  • Hi what an awful situation for you to be in and I do emphasise. I think your health is the most important thing and if you don't feel ready to go back on Monday then don't.

    It is of course possible you will lose your job, but if you do you can get a sick note from your doctor and claim ESA. You will have to attend as assessment in due course but not for a while. Do you think your doctor would give you a sick note?

    You might also be able to claim PIP which you can get if you are entitled to whether you are working or not as this is a stand alone benefit.

    If you live on your own you should also be able to claim housing benefit if you rent and also a rebate on your council tax.

    I presume you are in he UK? If so look on the Govt. site for more information. Bev x

  • Hi

    you know all of us maybe have such this experience during our I can understand you completely...first of all try to make yourself going out of home or listening to a music...or have a meeting with your friends..because what is going to happen is not for may occur tomorrow..but you have to live without stress is your right..always imagination of an event is worse than the event dont think about that..because stress and anxiety is the mother of all have job to live or you live to have a job??your health is most important...I was such as you..thinking about everything in the worse..and nothing happened...but I lost my health...I am sick enough ...because of stresses...worst case:if you lose your job surely you will find again even if in the worst situation maybe you can not pay the bills for a short time.. but you will pay them finally by new job..try to fight with stresses...if it attacks you, you should make your mind by other good things and prevent it by new is good for you to think about this fact that you are in a best situation compare with lots of people in the world...maybe there are many people to prefer o be in place of you...

    I wish all things will going on your way..and you can continue your job..and I wish you health and a deep happiness.



  • Hi you are in the same situation as me near enough I go back to work today on light dutys woke up at 4 am tick tick tick I started thinking so I focused on my breathing and three positive things for today managed to get back to sleep for a while woke up now read your post and had to think did I write it lol it is very hard but think of good positive things and breath stop have a minute then carry on small steps that's what I am doing in work at 11am today I can do this You can do it positive good luck

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