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Good day


Hi After being off work with depression for a short time I've had a good day I just signed a contract to have my first book published I cant wait to see it in print.

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Well done, and it's great to hear something positive is happening for you.

Thankyou for your reply. I hope that something good comes up for you too soon you deserve it.


Congratulations, I am really pleased that this has happened for you and that you have had a good day. Maybe you could give some idea about what the book is about. It sounds really interesting.


Its a science fiction book the first of 6 following an empire from its foundation through the eyes of one family through different generations

Sounds really interesting. I wish you all the best.

Thanks most appreciated

Well done, that's great and a real accomplishment. Regards Lorna.

Thanks Lorna wising you well. Russell


Wow thats amazing well done. I love science fiction. let me know when it is published and I will look out for it. Bev x

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Thanks with any luck towards Christmas.

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