Cold Remedies! Or I may Die!

Cold Remedies! Or I may Die!

I know, I know what does it have to do with depression but the point is this, I have some friends on this site and I know they don't want me to pass away from coldusbacilluswomanus which at least 10 times more deadly than man flu.

I have to go out soon and feel like crap, so here it is, I know about ginger, vit c and aloe...what else...

and no sticking my head in a bucket and cutting out eye holes so I dont infect others is not helpful! Though its true it may enhance my

Bev I also need to know what I should be wearing :-) Deportment as 'you' know is everything.



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9 Replies

  • Whisky, and lots of it :) Failing that then Lemsip and good books. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  • Try adding Manuka honey to the lemsip. Also zinc tablets are meant to be good for boosting immunity levels. Might be a bit late now though. You seem to be getting a few colds recently. Run down or surrounded by lots of sticky children? ah the joys of summer holidays.

    Sarah x

  • Hello Sarah

    Cannot afford Manuka Honey. Generally have to go to Aldi or Lidl

    All the best


  • I tend to buy it when it is on special offer at Holland and Barrett. You know the buy one get one for a penny deals? Otherwise it is very expensive and definitely not for spreading on toast.....

    Have a good day


  • Hello Caroline

    Warm milk and honey.

    Blackcurrent juice and honey

    A glass of whisky and milk, this one is my excuse, have Hazel trained on this one.

    Lemsips they contain paracetamol that reduces the temperature and calms a sore throat

    You could also try Night Nurse or Day Nurse, they are supposed to suppress the symptoms

    Hazel would never let me have a nurse, night or day. LOL


  • Hi Caroline you need to wear a yashmask to protect us lungies from your nasty germs please. Long flowing skirt etc. as well and dainty slippers. Ok? :D

    Sorry you have cold chuck, you have my sympathesies. I like fresh lemon, fresh orange juice with honey. If you are feeling risqué have a tot of whiskey too. The more whiskey you have the more you will forget about it. :) Bev xx

  • Disco music and peppermint tea. Trust me.

  • Hi

    Thank you all so much for your kind advice in the middle of it now, so hope you dont mind a short reply. Seem merely to keeping some of it at bay, but now have a bad throat, runny eyes and

    If I last the distant I will reply individually when Im better I hope thats okay XXX

    Right back to bed :-) X

  • I do hope it soon passes, I had similar five times in several months and it is awful. xxx

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