Attention Seeker?

So, here I am, feeling- empty? Or am I? I'm crying, calling myself a 'happy attention seeker'. But, if I was an attention seeker, wouldn't I be crying it to mum or something? And then I thought, I'm a happy attention seeker... But why do I seek attention? Is it because I'm neglected at home? But that'd make me depressed therefor making me not an attention seeker... Paradox...

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    Talk to the teacher who listens to you, and explain to her your feelings, She seems to be picking up something is not right with you. Possibly if your home life is a problem there are courses of action the school can take. So give that a try


  • I understand that calling yourself an attention seeker is due to people's ignorant perception. Please don't let other comments or people agreeing with this put you off using this forum as it's a good first step for anyone to talk about their issues.

    Attention seeking, like jealousy or any other 'negative' emotion is there for a reason. Jealousy for example is a way of your mind telling you there may be something missing in your life and can be useful for helping you understand yourself.

    You are probably feeling this way because you have needs, look at your life and think about what those things may be. You mentioned that you feel neglected at home. If you are young then you should perhaps talk to a teacher or nurse. Neglect can damage a child into adulthood and they never really go back and understand why. You have a chance to face and deal with this now.

    You think that you feel depressed too, this is also something you need to talk about, along with exploring with someone how the feelings started, how and when you act up etc. Where you always neglected at home? Maybe you're not crying to your Mother because of how things are at home? You may be dealing with things internally. This seems common for people who have no other outlet.

    If you find this hard to talk to with someone, it might help to write down what you feel you need to say and give it to them instead.

    I hope this helps,

    Good luck!

  • Everyone needs some attention. Being ignored or unimportant can hurt.

    There any many ways to get some attention. Hope you can choose wisely how you get that attention.

    Don't believe that it is unusual to want attention, just do be careful how you do it.

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