Low day

Hey guys,

I've had a bit of a low day. I've been feeling really tired and haven't been able to concentrate on studies. When I'm concentrating I can read and make notes on up to 10 pages an hour but it's nearing the end of today and I'm barely through 8 pages for the whole day...

And there's someone whom I really miss, as they're elsewhere currently and working full time. I'm overthinking them not talking much to me as them hating me and using their work as an excuse. I'm quite aware I do this but it's so hard to make myself stop and I feel awful :(

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  • You need to take a walk in the fresh air and take your mind off your studies for the rest of the evening. Connect with nature around you and have a good meal and good night's sleep. Your studies and your relationship are separate entities. The someone that you are missing is working hard and unlikely to be using work as an excuse to not contact you.

    It seems to me that you are dragging yourself down for no reason. As I suggested, take a break. It's a lovely evening. Pack away your books for the evening and take a walk through a park....it will put everything in perspective.

  • Thanks for the advice Hilohilo!

    I unfortunately skipped my walk today and I have trouble eating and sleeping, so maybe that is exacerbating my feelings. I've stopped working now as it's nearly midnight where I am - going to go for a walk as you suggested. Thanks for the advice :)

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