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I'm 23 and my life was finally on track. Had a steady casual job, got engaged, have good health n family n friends. Moved in worth my fiancé n everything changed.

Had panic attack, stressed out beyond anything I've ever felt, depressed, distanced myself from my partner. Lost my self.

Moved back to my parents 2 months after we first moved in. Said we needed to have a break. I'm so depressed n confused. This has been the worst time of my life. I can't think properly, can't make a decision about anything.

I have no idea that this is the right relationship for me

Please help me

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I wish I had an answer for you. You experienced a big change in your life when you moved in with your fiance. It is a big step and understandable that anyone would find something like this unsettling. I guess you need to go back to basics and work out what it was about this change that was so difficult. I hope that helps.

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Gosh your 23 so young and putting so much pressure on yourself!

It's all okay, you made the right decision you needed breathing space, you have that, your safe, you still have your job, your BF is still around.

It's all okay, it's okay to be frightened, maybe you moved a little too fast for yourself. Maybe you just need to be at his a couple of nights a week, easy yourself into to sharing with another human being or maybe not stay over at all and have a full break for a time.

Maybe he isnt the one, but whats the rush, take it easy, you did the right thing, now move slowly get back to your usual self and watch your life get happier. You dont have to decide anything right now.

I have a suggestion, look at meditation and there are a million kinds, you can meditate while you are walking or swimming, dancing or sitting still. You need to blank your mind so it can give you some answers, gently.

Well done in coming so far, it will all work out you just need a little time, I wish Id been as smart as you at 23.

BIG HUG, well done for speaking out and well done for looking after yourself, you can sort this out you are a clever, resourceful woman.


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I was married self employed good money owned a new house thought I was inlove with my wife one day I flipped had a row and walked away from it all it was making my life really miserable having everything being like everyone else boring lives if your not happy change it I did and I've never looked back

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Wow poor you,

It happens a lot, you think you are doing well then it bites backs. It's hard but you just have to keep fighting.

Moving in with your man was a huge step no wonder you panicked. Take a step outside the box, at home you are safe, mum dad around, the safety of your bedroom. Then you move in with your man, the safety net is gone in one small step.

You are back home, good you are safe, now get back to that good place, if you are still with your man then do it slow, if he is any good for you he will understand and work with you. Start from the beginning, go on dates, stay over, then after s while stay the weekend. Take something from your home that makes you feel safe and have it at his place.

You will panic ect but if there is something there you can hold it sit in it and you will feel safe. Also when you get bad the ask to be taken home, he will understand. If he does not then that will answer your other question. Good luck xxx


I did see her for a month after we had parted but that was just sex nothing else my feelings had gone it was like she was rubbing my nose in it so I left it there I've moved on having regrets I wished I listen to my head not my heart

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So you are glad you have left? I'm confused to. Listen to head or heart?


Yes looking back now it was 2011 far too much stress it was making me really ill I spent 6 months sleeping on the floor in the spare too just to get away from her weeks without talking she came into the room I would leave it I'm a loner relationship don't work with me I'm so glad I never had Any children with her lucky escape and i count my blessings it was


Thank you all so much for replying. Means so much. We're just being friends for now and see where that goes. Thank you again xx


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