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Counselling and nerves

Recently because I felt so down in the dumps I decided to man up and get some counselling - I found a place which is about 4.5 miles from my house, the distance isn't the issue, the fact that my parents might find out is. I've made an excuse to get into town and get all the necessary transport and stuff but I still can't help but feel nervous about the whole thing and I am tempted to call the thing off as I don't know how long my assessment will last. However, I've been feeling really good, I figured out that a bit of meditation (lying in bed listening to music) has helped, though it made me cry when I realized that it's been almost a year since my depressive cycle began...I couldn't help but think of my ex and all of the good times we've had, however I asked a girl to see if she'll meet me for lunch in Costa, even though she doesn't like tea or coffee (weird I know), I don't know why I asked her but I did and I'd like to see if there's a proper friendship between us and maybe something more but I'm not 100% sure I can cope with being in a relationship as the last proper one I had almost made me kill myself when it ended, but what's life without risk hey?

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That really is great you have the courage to go see a counsellor. That is something very important you are doing for you. Parents can be a pain sometimes but if they really understood what you were doing by seeing a counsellor I think they would be proud of you taking responsibility for your health. Keeping this from your parent is probably the best thing until you are ready to tell them. But if they find out and you are not ready to say why you went to see a counsellor you could always say it was for something school related. What matters most is that you are working towards feeling better. That really a brave thing to do. I am another weird one not drinking coffee or tea. I grew up around coffee and tea and am the only one in my family that way. I hope you have a nice time at Costa with the girl you asked. Try to stay in the moment and enjoy yourself without thinking too far ahead about starting a relationship just yet. Hopefully things will gradually lead to where you want to be.


Thank you so much

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