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Thought for the day

Thought for the day

Am putting up this poster partly for myself and partly for others like funkyfairy and other friends on here.

It is something that I have learned fairly recently.

I've even noticed that sometimes even when I've put comments up on other people's posts some of what i've written speaks to me about me and isn't necessarily about them.

So the point I am making is that although we ARE all responsive to each other which is a good thing, a lot of people's moods and so forth are about how they are feeling rather than what you may have done to make them feel like that.

Hope someone else who needs to can learn this too as it helps with self confidence.

Gemma X

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Hi Gemma. Thanks for Poster. I get it. Lol.

Hannah x


Very astute.

Thanks. Sometimes it's good to remember that. I have sayings on my calendar. I transfer them year to hear. It's going on.


I love that Gemma - and it is absolutely right - none of us can like or love all of the people all of the time, etc...

Hope you are ok, feel free to message or e-mail if you ever want so.

Hugs, Suexxx


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