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Tomorrow we're going to my daughter's for a few days. That part is great but here I am unable to sleep because I'm worried about going. My husband is good but I organise things when we go away and he doesn't have much idea of what we need. I've even got to sort his pills out as he's so used to me doing it he doesn't even know what he takes. Good job I'm not the murdering type. I know that everything will be fine tomorrow but I'm not very good at handling uncertainty, does that make me a control freak? I do feel more stable now the sertralin has kicked in but I still worry I'll do something wrong or forget something. Trouble is, I want to be the old capable me and I just can't manage it. Another load off my chest, hope you don't mind. Regards Lorna

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Hi Lorna, I understand how you feel. Change and travel even to family canBe a bit stressful, but try and just go with the flow. Enjoy yourself and so what if you

Forget something. Once you get here you will I'm sure enjoy yourself.

Lorna I think sometimes we have to put up with a bit of discomfort and push

Ourselves to do things , otherwise our lives would become narrow and dull

And we would end up staying at home all he time.

Enjoy the break and you will get stronger.

Hannah xx


Thanks Hannah, I will do my best to go with flow. Regards Lorna


Hello Mam

I am a man and my wife does all the packing and has the job of looking after my many medications, the latter because I tried to take my life and now the GP prefer that I do not handle my drugs. You see I know what to do to end it and they are frightened in case I do. Although now I will not do that again.

My chronic medical condition is a problem as well as I am unable to bend etc as I am always in pain.

We go out in the car and I do the driving so that is my job. So it also makes me feel I at least do that.

Disability is a cross I prefer not to wear, and I feel I have been put on this world to feel its painful breath.



Hi Bob sorry to hear that you are still in pain. It's a tough old station at

Times. Hope Hazel and Pax are well.

Hope you all put your clocks forward as its now Summertime, although here in

Dublin it's very windy and quite chilly , so don't throw off your winter woollies yet.

My late Mum used to have a saying ....... " N 'er cast a clout till May is out'.

I think she was right for sure.

Hannah x


Lorna, stop, take a breathe then another, you are the old you you will always be just take it slower, you'll get there and remember one thing, enjoy your visit x Dens

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