Better days ahead, I hope

Hi everybody!

The last time I was on here I was at a really bad place, but after seeing my doc and having a long overdue therapy session (and prayer), I am finally feeling a little more positive. It's too much to write to compare last time to now, but I've been doing a WHOLE lot of working on me! And I have a whole lot more work to do! 😱😱😱 lol. I don't mean to be selfish to my family at home but if I dont do the work on myself I'm just gonna continue to feel worst.

My doc placed me on Wellbutrin and it's been a week n a half. I can't say that it's working yet but I'm feeling better at this time because my hormones are low (I suffer from terrible ppmd). I also take citalopram. It works on the good days but not the bad, so hopefully the Wellbutrin will kick in on those days. And I am getting back on birth control pills for my ppmd days because my hormones can b so bad it debilitates me and I'm SICK of that month after month. I do feel like I'm on waay too many pills but I gotta do what I gotta until I feel better enough consistently to not be in my bad place.

I got so much more to write so if u wanna know what I been goin thru and if it can be a help to you, holla at me.

Thanks friends that I met on here😘

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  • Hello

    What has brought all this on?.

    You will need to give your medications time too work, we are in the UK and sometimes the ways you gain treatments can be different, although we can generally work out the way you describe things to us.

    How can we help ?.


  • Thanks Bob, how r u today? I've been diagnose with depression and pmdd 15 years ago and been suffering on and off every since. To fast forward to now, I can tell my outlook and moods has gotten worse and unpredictable, that's why I decided on the Wellbutrin as well. I've been on several meds for the last 10 years. I think, no I know my circumstances has also had an affect on my outlook. I'm just gonna keep fighting this until I'm where I wanna be.

    Ps I love animals too,I'm gonna get a kitten soon😺 lol

  • Yes pets are great company

    Pax is one nice dog to have around

    How are you tonight, I was told when I became ill My physio told me straight to get a dog, our first on did a great deal of Pat Dog Work although Pax is a different matter and so far has not had the chance with my works yet, will force the issue as He is a ham.

    What can I do to help we have some good people here who will really give some help and understanding.


  • Pax seems sweet, is it a boy or girl? Lol@ he's a ham.

    Besides just having support which I find on here, thanks, I feel there is nothing that can be done except from up above, and continuing my meds

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